Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lilah Communicating with my ((late)) Grandparents

On multiple occasions, I know Lilah Grace has seen my late grandfather.

Months ago, she said "Baba" (she doesn't call ANYBODY else Baba) and pointed to nothing...

...and just this week, my mom was watching an old home video and a pic of her late father popped up, and my mom explained to Lilah, "that's Binky's dada" and instead of parroting "dada" which is a word she knows, or "Binky," another word she knows, she replied to my mom, "Baba." (This was what I called him). Within minutes, she also identified my mom's late mother, "Ma," which is what I called her (another abnormality, since Lilah only regularly says "Mama" or "Mommy"). Baba loved babies, and I think he visits LG. It might not seem like much, but in the moment, it was absolutely incredible.

My point isn't to say I think my kid is some genius psychic medium...I think all babies have this gift, and we either ignore it or stifle it. Some people might even fear it. Society will shut it out entirely (or at least try) in time. I'm encouraging it for as long as I can! Anybody out there have interesting//heartwarming stories about their babies seeing their late loved ones?