First and foremost, I am a loving wife and an adoring mama. I am a RN in the cosmetic industry, and a feminist. Often progressive, and sometimes traditional. Lover of Tupac and Joni Mitchell, Jesus and Depak Chopra. I am a deep thinker who sometimes enjoys trash TV. Both a dreamer, and a do-er. I was a vegetarian for years, and am currently a bacon connoisseur. Did I mention I am a Gemini?

This blog started as a sort of online diary, and has morphed into a collection of musings. When I began writing, I was living alone, interested in vegetarian cuisine, and my only baby was my maltese, Teddy. Now, my favorite topic to write about is where spirituality + motherhood merge. My daughter inspires me to be more present, and she has given me a fresh perspective on the world around me.

If something were to ((knock on wood)) happen to our home, or my glorious Mac, I take comfort in knowing I will always have my little corner of the internet. I often think this blog could be private, and I would still write, because I love going back and visiting different posts, and remembering that chapter in my life.

photo credit: GREER INEZ

Making this a public site, however, lends the ability to feel connected, and participate in a virtual community among other moms, wives, spiritual seekers, feminists, and DIYers. Many women wear all of these hats, while some pick and choose a couple, and many women wear other "hats" that don't fit me quite as well. In this space, I share my musings honestly and vulnerably, and absolutely love feeling the connections I make with all kinds of people who can relate to my experiences. 

Thanks for taking a look at this site. I hope you reach out to me if something speaks to you! You can reach me by clicking "contact" at the top of the page.


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