Saturday, October 22, 2011

Portobello Mushroom Pizzas

I'm so happy to be sipping some cabernet while watching the Rangers and waiting patiently for more photos to transfer into iMovie....When you have about 581, it takes approximately 7 minutes on this beautiful Mac. That's impressive.

I had a fabulous day...

The day started in Flower Mound at Mommy and Daddy's house. Mommy and I sipped coffee on the bistro and enjoyed our morning. After Laura woke up, we went shopping. In the afternoon, I popped on over to Oak Cliff to see George play. 

At the venue, there were two adorable renovated vintage trailers.  Inside were cute antiqued relics and old clothes. I found a dress and a shirt that I fell in love with...for a total of $15. Nice! Fits like a glove.

Tonight I cooked some delicious portobello mushroom pizzas. I thought I'd share the recipe because it's (a) delicious, (b) vegetarian, and (c) gluten-free (I have two celiac friends who might be reading this!)...

All of my produce was fresh, organic, and from Central Market. 

(Recipe from Pinterest, an awesomely addicting virtual pinboard that you should DEFINITELY check out if you haven't already)

Basil, Tomatoes, Red Onions

Saute onions and garlic...after soft, add tomatoes and chopped basil.

Smother a portobello mushroom with the sautéed deliciousness. Cover with feta cheese... 

Put in the oven (preheated to 400) for about 15 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley. Oh my goodness, to die for.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Friends Are For.

I have been living and loving fully the past month or so, despite my lack of blogging! The photo/vid business is picking up, I've been working my regular RN job, and I've been spending time with my friends.

Just got back from an amazing happy hour-turned-into-dinner at a great local Mexican restaurant. Threw back a few Shiners with some girlfriends I've had for ages. We like to do this as often as possible, which usually is once a week.

And Monday of this week, we got all festive and carved some pumpkins. Why did I get such a tiny little thing? Lame.

Today, I also got a sweet little surprise from my favorite co-worker. She left for the day, but came back with an envelope that said not to open at work. My initial thought was that she was never coming back!!! And maybe she'd planned her exit strategy and wrote down how she did her job so I could cover until they found a replacement...my mind wanders sometimes to some pretty far out there places...in actuality, it was a card, an American Express gift card, and most importantly, a long letter filled with appreciation and kind words. I can't begin to express how good it made me feel! Feeling appreciated, valued, and liked by my co-workers means the world, but especially from THIS co-worker. I feel like now we are past the "co-worker" title and I can finally just refer to her as my "friend." That's a lovely transition.

Then, of course, there's Jen. My soul-sister, my Oklahomie. I've made a couple visits to see her in Norman recently, and always have a blast stuffing my face with great local food. Through thick and thin, I love this girl to the moon and back. She's there for me, I'm there for her. Simple as that.
I got to see Bon Iver at the Winspear with my lovely Denton ladies! "Denton" is kind of funny since only one of them lives in Denton, but I associate them with that group of friends. We definitely witnessed one amazing show. The acoustics were unbelievable, the songs (of course) were heart-wrenching, and I couldn't have picked better showbuds!
And then...there's...ERIN. Buds since we were 5 years old. Thrifting away at The Mountain in Canton Trade Days. What a perfect day, what a perfect person. She will cry with you or laugh with you. Or pack a 1956 wingback chair in a SUV with you. What a winner. 
Watching OU-TX in Jessica's new theater room was a blast. Especially with the amazing score! BOOMER!
Cassidy utilized her artsy skills and helped sidewalk chalk UNT's campus to promote awareness of our group, The Denton Women's Collective! Brittany came with her usual fantastic ideas, and Scotch tape for our flyers. Smart thinking! What great friends.
I'm just really grateful for all of my friends. They make my life exciting, funny, and well-lived. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wonder Years

Few shows have stood the test of time like The Wonder Years. Thanks to a once-a-scam-but-the-guy-got-a-conscience EBay purchase, my mom bought all of the episodes years ago on DVD. Recently, NetFlix put all of the episodes up online. It's so much easier to sit in bed and stream the episodes rather than getting up and changing the DVDs, so needless to say, I've been on a Wonder Years BINGE the past week.

I've seen every episode, literally, more than once. However, watching them now, I already feel like I have a different perspective than the last time I watched the show. Kevin Arnold, the lead character, plays an All American boy growing up from around 1968-1973. The grown man Kevin Arnold reflects back on his adolescence, and narrates each episode. Listening to the narration, I feel that he is describing what he knows now, and didn't necessarily know then. Watching it as an adult, I feel like it's giving me my own adult perspective on many random events that happen in an adolescent's life.

I love the "Math" episodes, when Kevin starts a new class hating his mean math teacher. After a few episodes, Kevin begins to appreciate him. The teacher took a special interest in helping Kevin. Then, toward the end of the season, the teacher dies. Kevin had previously been a smart-ass on his last test, with answers like "So what?!" and "What gives?!"....the teacher "misplaced" the test and Kevin is given another opportunity to take the test after discovering the passing of the math teacher. 

This episode always chokes me up! The ending of "Goodbye"

I love the innocence and purity of Kevin's relationship with Winnie Cooper, the girl next door. She ends up moving and going to a different school, but Kevin's feelings remain constant, even as he dates other girls. The episode, "The Accident," evokes tears everytime! In fact, I REMEMBER a closing shift at the Library while I was in Oklahoma, when the bartender and I were talking about this episode, went to the back on the computer, watched this scene (adding to the 198,000 views), and CRIED prior to going back to our restaurant duties...

I love the complexities between Karen, Kevin's older hippie sister, and Jack, the stern and stubborn father.

Watching the show, I feel like the major shift that was occurring in the last 60s is occurring again today. With the exception of technology (and that is one huge exception....even the way I'm delivering my point of view is only an option based on that exception!), I don't think much has changed between that generation and mine. The clashing of morals and values. The common denominator being family. 

Math teachers still annoy students. Boys and girls still have crushes on eachother. First borns still question their parents' way of thinking. Not much has changed. But watching this show, hearing an adult perspective on these subtle life events...it's a sort of healing therapy. God bless the creator of this show! It's pure genius. And THANK YOU, NETFLIX, for making it so easy to watch.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Human Experience.

Why is it that if I see somebody crying, I'm more likely to cry?

If I see a baby laugh (even though I have no idea what is so funny), I laugh.
My favorite little gal-pal, Val.

Even if I hear a story about a sad situation, and have no direct ties to the people involved, I feel a tug at my heart.

An interesting man I met in Austin

Why do we all feel these innately?
Do we all feel these innately?
Do some people feel numb at others' emotions?
Do some people have the ability to feel for others while forging onward? Do some people have a switch they can turn on and off? Would that switch actually be a good thing? (Sidenote: I could never be an ER/ICU nurse, and I give an immense amount of respect to those people out there who go to work everyday BECAUSE THEY CARE, and turn off the switch because they have to DO THEIR JOB. That is no easy task and ought to be recognized. I see healthy, happy patients. They want to have surgery. My job is generally low-stress and laid-back.)

My relationship with another person be it a stranger I share a smile with at the store, a co-worker, a friend, or a family member....my relationships with all of these people DEFINE me. If these relationships are thriving, I feel satisfied, full, and joyful. If they are lacking or have tension, I feel anxious, melancholy, and alone.
My beautiful mother and me in Canton
I believe my relationship with GOD is similar to my relationship with other people. Maybe they are one in the same-and it's just words that make it confusing. The spirit in each person that I connect with is a part of God, connecting with the part of God in me. I really believe this. Not to say if my relationships are lacking, my relationship with God is lacking...really, it is just a separation or a distance. And I know it just means I have to make the move, or the shift, to get closer again.

Contrary to some strict Christian principles, I no longer believe it necessary to gain these experiences through fellowship that is limited to Christians. I can feel the connection to people of other beliefs, or none at all. I connect to the human spirit when I connect to these people. And the first step in connecting, I believe, is simply being kind.
Our sponsored child, Palak, from India. This beautiful 4 year old girl will likely be raised Hindu. As long as she is taught kindness, that's all that matters to me.
Recently, I've been very proud to be a part of the Finding Kind movement. Here, my friend Rachel talks about some of our progress. If we could get the message out to young women to treat eachother with KINDNESS....we could really make a huge impact on our community. Why is it that women are more likely to assume the new pretty girl walking in the room is an enemy...rather than a potential friend? See her as competition rather than camaraderie?

I know, it is not likely for us all to join hands and sing kumbaya. But one of my favorite quotes from the documentary Finding Kind goes....

"We can't all be smart. We can't all be talented. We can't all be beautiful. But we can ALL be kind."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gender Roles.

I have mixed feelings on gender roles-I suppose if they're enforced or assumed, they annoy me. But when I'm just being honest with myself, I actually really like the "feminine" roles...today I was super-domestic, and enjoyed it fully.

I'm not innately masculine-I'm not very strong physically, I don't know (nor care to know) much about cars or fixing things around the house...And I do enjoy crafting, cooking, and cleaning. I wouldn't ever want somebody making me do those things "because I'm a woman," but I just innately enjoy them.

Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow :)

I feel productive, and peaceful when I do these things. I felt especially productive today, because I worked out, cleaned, grocery shopped, did laundry, and most importantly...SIGNED MY LEASE. I'm staying in my loft for another 7 months. Not only do I get to keep my rate, I get $200 off next month. Amazing what a phone call can do!


laundry that still needs to be put away!

new groceries

these babies got 2 walks today!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Feelings

My purchase from Canton this past weekend has absolutely blessed my day. I can't stop thinking about her! My 1956 pristine-condition-wing-back-chair. I guess it's the little things...or big, in this case. The little things that make me happy...
  • Waking up without an alarm clock
  • First few breezes of autumn after a ridiculously hot summer
  • When you check out and are willing to pay the price on the tag, but find out it's on sale (score!)
  • Braless, loose, comfy shirt or dress
  • When all the traffic lights are green
  • When there's NOT a dog-accident to clean after I've been at work
  • Wake-up calls
  • Cake batter/Blueberry muffin batter
  • Snail Mail that's NOT bills 
  • First sip of coffee (especially when the weather is cold)
Here are pics of my new chair!!!!