Monday, February 29, 2016

Everleigh Rose's Social Media Debut

Everleigh Rose is 11 weeks tomorrow. She received her Osage Eagle Feather + Cedar Blessing from her great grandfather over a week ago, and once she met the last of her immediate family, we felt comfortable sharing her with the rest of our world on the online hemisphere. We waited 3 months before sharing Big Sister's face (we had our reasons). Now that we've been through this before, one of those reasons still resonates:

I don't want photos to be subjected to "likes." Something feels weird about putting my daughter out there on social media, and getting notifications that people "like" it, when she doesn't even know she's online. It's kind of creepy if you think about it... or maybe that's just me being a weird mom again.

My sentiment a couple years ago still rings true:

I want to share photos of her through an artistic medium. When taken with a certain amount of taste, photos capture beautiful (and everyday!) life moments, and often times, memories are only retained through photography. We are lucky to have technology and I should be grateful I will have many memories documented for our daughter.

We also wanted the photos to be the thoughtful ones taken by our closest friends//family...Greer and Yana are such talented photographers and captured Everleigh so beautifully.  Professional photos over grainy cellphone pics. EVERY TIME. So a huge thank you to those creative + artistic women. 

Photo Credits:

Here are pics that we captured from her birth and first few weeks. There will be many more to follow. And of course, for the most access, tap into Instagram @LindsayVM and check out her hashtag, #EverleighRoseTinker . 

Everleigh Rose, you are such a special person. Your smile has me melting. You are so snugly and perfect. I love your chubby cheeks and every single roll on your perfect little body. I wish I could freeze time and keep you this innocent and tiny, but I promise to love you forever, in every chapter of your life. You have completed our family. Life is even more wonderful now with you on the planet.



  1. she looks like her big sister
    LILAH ! i'm happy for all of ya ! and i'm proud of you guys too !

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