Monday, May 28, 2012

Bookpage Wall. DIY Home Decor.

Book Page Wall.
(1) Place one of your favorite and most inspiring books outside for months. Let Nature naturally weather your book. Leave it open and don't be afraid for bugs, dirt, water, and other elements to alter the pages. I chose "Spiritual Partnership" by one of my favorite authors, Gary Zukav, because I thought this book would bring positive spiritual energy to our master bedroom.
(2) Purchase items when your book is ready. Loctite Spray Adhesive, Mod Podge in an aerosol can, and Scotch Tape. This is a CHEAP PROJECT, YALL!! I found these sconces at Canton and I think they add a nice vintage touch.

Begin by spraying the adhesive to the wall, and one-by-one, hang each page. I realized the hard way that using Scotch tape to secure the pages to one another is a good idea. We woke up daily with a page of insight on our laps, which is kind of fun, but not realistic for daily life!
I broke the project up into a few different days because it does get tedious.
Feel free to tear the pages when you get to the ends of the wall; I started in the middle and worked my way out...When the entire wall is covered, spray Mod Podge sealant over it. Wear gloves!!!  Place pressure on the edges of each page, and give each page enough time to set. Again, tedious, but completely worth it!  This is my final page wall!
(I didn't cover the ENTIRE wall...if you know where your furniture will be, you can cheat a little bit)
This is a fun, cheap way to spruce up any room. It's WAY cheaper than wallpaper, and each person can make their own statement. You could also use various tissue papers, children book pages (would be ADORABLE for a nursery!), and/or magazine clippings.



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  2. Thanks for the details mentioned in the blog by you.

  3. Goodness, where on Earth did you get that comforter? I'm dying to buy it!!

  4. Thanks, Savanna! Anthropologie. Surprise, surprise. I have to curb those Anthro cravings now, with a babe on the way! :)

  5. Gosh, how did I know? :P I love their stuff. How long ago was it?
    Congrats by the way!!

    1. Me too!!! And thank you :) It was about 2 years ago.

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