Monday, February 28, 2011

photo documentation of a party in the woods

I'm Pleased to Present...
...how amy and i spent our saturday.

I'm Equally Pleased to Inform You...
...you're never too old to play dress up.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Norman February 2011

I went to Norman this past weekend! Whooooo!

This town is SO CHARMING. I miss it SO MUCH, and I could easily move back there again one day!!! I took a ton of pics, so this is mainly a collection of images! I've become a huge nerd with my camera (thanks to my friend, Jim!!!) and took it everywhere with me!

Amber Ale, Feta Pretzel, and Library Patio.
Yes Please!!!!!

Former Place of Employment! And it STILL has My Heart!!!

The Patio at Dusk

Calvin's Still Around!
(And He Always Will Be)

Othello's on Campus Corner

Garlic Rolls, Pinot Nori, and Cheese Lasagna! Yum!

Jen's Beautiful Great Dane, Grace!

And Her Sweet Boy, Moe!!

Breakfast at the Pink Elephant!

Outside the Pink Elephant.
Note the "BEER" Sign in Background. Haha!

Sums Up the Feel in the Pink Elephant!

The Pink Elephant's Delish Menu.
Oatmeal Brulee with Fruit Salad was AMAZING!

The Decor at the Pink Makes Me GIDDY!

Fruit Bruschetta on Bread.
Lovin' that BUTTERFLY on the TABLE!!!

Oatmeal Brulee with Fresh Fruit.
(Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Sugar Torched on the Top! Greatness!!!!)

Jen's Herbal Tea, Southwestern Quiche and Tomato Basil Soup!!

Yup. A Whole Lotta Charm in This Town!

Oh That Gorgeous Girl on the Left? That'd be my BFF. 

Time for Tea in the Afternoon! Loved this (relatively) New Addition to Norman!!!

All ABOUT Some Organic Teas!!!

Menu at Gray Owl.

Gray Owl Frequent Flyers!

How Can You NOT Tip With a Jar Like This?!?!

Patio? Party-O. It's Out Back!

And This is Why I Miss Living in Norman.


I Will Use This Again Somewhere in This Blog!!!!

Used to LOVE Buying Groceries Here!! Walking Distance from the Magical Cottage!

A Table Saw at an Estate Sale. 

I Was Intrigued!

Joni, My Girl!!!!!

Don't Forget Domestic.