Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Favorite Things in May

Just a few of my favorite things this month. It's the little things that really make me happy!!!

Purchased From: http://www.samplehouseonline.com/
(total sucker for home decor)

I've Loved This Calendar ALL Year, But Especially NOW In My Birth Month!!! The BEAUTIFUL Monarch in the Month of MAY!
Purchased From: http://www.anthropologie.com

This watch has been on my wrist for a year now, but I love it JUST as much as I ever have! Easy to read, matches silver, gold, black, and brown. Timeless! Thank you, M&D and Mimi and GrandDad!

Favorite Magazine. And This Month, I FINALLY Subscribed! FIRST MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION EVER! YAY!

Our Momma Duck Had Her Babies!!! Love Visiting These Ducklings With Ted!

Flowers From a Patient...MADE OUR DAY!

And Last But Not Least, Shoutout to My CAMERA (Falling More In Love With You By The Second!)...Have Been Busy Making Videos and Taking Photos, And Now This Camera Is With Me More Than My PURSE!

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