Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Teddy!

Teddy's Scrapbook.
Yes, we looked through every page together today. 
He's kind of proud that his mom loves him so much she made him a book. Not sure if that makes HIM LOVED or ME STRANGE. Maybe both? The beauty is that this baby loves me whether people think I'm strange or not! So there!
A page in your scrapbook. Papa Georgio hates the blue bow, but I, for one, think you look adorable in any attire. Aww, look at you bonding with Grandma for the FIRST TIME in her house! You made SUCH an impression on her!

Dear Teddy,
When you came along, around Valentine's Day of 2007, you were only 12 weeks old. Even though puppies were not allowed in the Pi Phi house, I thought you would be my little secret. When you found your voice, I got really nervous, and doubted my decision in getting a dog. Fortunately, Aunt Jen and Grandma had your back, and we made the last few weeks work. Adopting you was one of the best decisions I've ever made!
Here you are at 12 weeks old. Your collar was a piece of blue yarn, and the breeder had you tentatively named "Blue" to distinguish you amongst your three brothers and sisters. You were the smallest boy. You were "Prince" for a couple days, and "Simon" (after one of Mommy's favorites, Paul Simon) for a couple days, but "Theodorable Teddy Bear" STUCK. I knew you were a Teddy as soon as the name popped in my head! 
You could not be any cuter. This might be my favorite picture of you!
You've given me constant companionship, unwavering loyalty, and miles of smiles. The next laugh is always right around the corner with you. I love all of your different hair-do's! And I love when you're sweet and docile with me. I love that even though you weigh less than 5 pounds, you truly, REALLY think that you're protecting me at the front door.
Kinda bald, but still totally cute!
Such a rockstar in your tie-dye shirt!
This would be your "rag-a-muffin" hairdo, and this would be you hiding a toy under a rug. One of your favorite past-times.
I can't IMAGINE my life without you in it. I spend more time with you than my parents, friends, or fiance! My love for you is eternal! Happy Birthday, Sweet Ted! 


Visiting your birth parents! Poppa Cherub on the left, and Momma Faith on the right!

Visiting your 100% biological brothers and sisters! Born a couple years after you, to the same loving and monogamous parents! You ain't no puppy mill dog!!!!
Checkin' out the kitty cats!
Frolicking in the snow!

So photogenic!
This little lamb is now decapitated, but you still love hiding her head in rugs and sheets! So weird of you but I still love you!
You LOVE this yellow sqeaker! Too bad it doesn't squeak anymore. 
I'd like to take this time to commend you on how good you are at going potty outside! Hahaha! 
My little walking buddy. YOU LOVE WALKS. I can't even say the word aloud. You LOVE W-A-L-K-S. 
My favorite time with you? When we snuggle! In the Love Nest!
You've also done an AMAZING job being a big brother to newly adopted sissy Stella. I didn't know you had it in ya, Ted, but you're even better than before! She really loves you, too. And if she hadn't, we would've had to find her a good home. My loyalty and love is with you forever!

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