Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear Mommy,

Dear Mommy,
You'll have to excuse my lack of effort last year on Mother's Day. I had become a mother 6 days prior, and if memory serves me, I had just come home (to your home, that is) from the hospital that weekend.
But the past year, in being a mom, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a full year...
...I've realized how lucky I am to have a mom in you.

You were a college educated woman in a career, and when I came into your life, you gave that up. I didn't think about that kind of sacrifice before. When I was younger, I thought being at home rather than "working" would be a pretty sweet and easy gig. That was because you always made being at home so comfortable and sweet. You were busy cooking, cleaning, bill paying, errand running, appointment setting, party planning, the list goes on...and I was busy eating your food, making messes with all my toys, and running up grocery and medical bills...all the while, fantasizing about someday being a mom with my American Girl dolls.

Now that I spend time at home, and time at work, as a mom, I realize part-time is the ideal situation ((for me)), and as a full time 2nd grade teacher, you didn't have that option. I also now realize your retirement is dependent on how many years you've spent in the district, and you gave up over a decade just to raise us, which sets you back quite a bit. And anytime it comes up, you always say "I was lucky to get to be with you girls," or "I'd do it all over again," or "I don't have any regrets." I appreciate you so much for making that sacrifice, and not being a martyr about it. Thank you.

Thank you for encouraging us to play outside in the rain. And for going out with us, with a film camera, and documenting it.

Thank you for orchestrating and planning family vacations, holidays, and birthday parties. I didn't realize the amount of time involved before the event. I just have the memories. And I know that's why you did it.

Thank you for being involved in the community...and getting us in the paper for a Weiner Dog race. Or maybe, thanks a lot? This is kinda lame.
Thank you for buying the supplies for every lemonade stand we ever had, and teaching us the importance of a work ethic from an early age.

Thank you for loving animals, and caring for all the pets we had. Various fish, a bird, a cat, dogs, ducks, a bunny for a summer, shoot...you even took in the turtle my friends got me as a gag gift in college. Now that we have an animal menagerie of our own, I appreciate all the work that goes just in keeping those creatures alive...and you even brought Sophie to Pappy Playday! HA!
Thank you for playing Tea Party with us.

Thank you for kissing all of my booboos, cleaning up all of my body fluids, and tickle scratching my limbs when I didn't feel good. Thank you also for making my outfit complete with Calamine Lotion and a Bow while I had the chicken pox.

Thank you for, in the words of 2Pac, making miracles every Thanksgiving.

Thank you for making sure Santa stuffed our stockings, every single year, including this Christmas past. I love knowing I'll have a AAA membership and black eyeliner come December 25. Thanks also for listening so well throughout the year, and being such a thoughtful gift-buyer. Most years I open a gift I completely forgot about, and am excited all over again. And thank you for matching pajamas.


Thank you for the awesome birthday cakes, matching invitations, and fun birthday parties. Thank you for teaching me the importance of a good thank you note when the party is over.

Thanks a LOT for being such a babe. It's hard having such a hot mom.

Thank you for scrapbooking. Thank you for teaching ME how to scrapbook. Thanks for all the purchased supplies, and COUNTLESS times you've raved on every page I created. Thanks for the retreats ((lame as they are, they are some of my favorite weekends ever)). You are really creative, and you have instilled that in us.
Thank you for helping me with all my college essays, and for riding me a little hard even though at the time it seemed annoying. Thank you for being proud of me.
Thank you for keeping stuff like this?!
((Here is one your mom kept from you.))
Thank you for being there. And for all the times you were there and a camera wasn't, thank you for those, too. And for all the times you bent over backwards or jumped through hoops, especially the ones that I don't remember...thank you the most for those. I know Lilah Grace won't remember a single thing I've done for her yet, and while she is completely worth every ounce of effort, I want her to know that I'm giving it my all. And I want you to know, that I know, you have given us your all. And I'm so grateful to have such a strong relationship with you. Thank you for the buttery nipple shots when I turned 21, and thank you for the Shirley MacLaine book I got in the mail this year...thank you for showing me that there are layers of you that I have yet to discover. Thank you for being my mom when I needed you, and for getting progressively cooler and an even closer friend as the years have gone on. Thank you for showing me how strong and independent a woman can be, while still truly putting her family above everything else. Thank you for leading by example, and actually having it all. You're beautiful, but down to earth. You're funny, and smart. You have close female friendships, a strong and loving marriage, and everybody at work loves you. I can't imagine my life without you, and knowing you live every day without your parents makes me admire you that much more.

Oh yeah, and thanks for giving me Life.
I love you, JacJac. You keep me laughing, and make me better.


  1. I just re- read this. You have no idea how happy it makes me. Thank you for your thoughtful words and memories. What a gift- and it keeps on giving every time I read it. I love you :)

    1. awww that made my day. I love you too, so much. I still mean every word, even more now. xoxo.