Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gemini and Capricorn

A while back, I found some vintage birthday cards with zodiac signs on them. Coincidentally, I only saw a Gemini and Capricorn card. I thought I'd share some photos and information from the 1960's era in regard to astrology and personality...

"Two souls in one breast, you find it difficult to make decisions..." 

  • "Even as a child you were not easily subdued; your thirst for knowledge...knew no bounds and your parents fell exhausted into bed."
  • "A distinct characteristic of the Gemini-born is their language ability, the ease with which they speak and write...they are able to see both sides of every matter. Fanaticism and intolerance are not part of them."
  • "They suffer greatly as their mood fluctuates..."
  • "Proverbial desire to travel..."
  • "The most outstanding talents of the Gemini spring from their intellect..."
  • "Once you have found the right partner, your relationship becomes a show-place where a never-ending series of brilliant ideas, brain-waves, and plans are launched. This keeps you and those near you young, spiritually and physically." (See: my post on 'young at heart')
  • "Cheerful and high spirited...even at a ripe age she remains attractive and has a spiritually refreshing effect on her partner."
  • "Humour is frequently spiced with irony and satire."
  • Gemini-born: Judy Garland, Prince Philip, JFK, John Wayne, Walt Whitman, Leslie Uggams, Bob Hope, Dean Martin

"...a good partner, faithful and has a strong attachment to his family..."

  • "Your strength seems to increase in relation the resistance you meet."
  • "You pursue your aims unerringly. Not even failure will make you abandon your plans once you have made up your mind."
  • "For the good reason that you seldom come easily by the worldly riches which you so fervently desire, retaining and increasing them is more important to you than to anybody else born under the stars."
  • "Above all: your professional success is never in doubt. But it is a long road with many setbacks and often also periods of blind groping. Thus you will mostly achieve those things which mean so much to you during the second half of your life: security, possessions, prestige, and independence."
  • "Although you do not in your youth see clearly which profession would suit you best, your steadfastness...guarantee that you will obtain a position well above the average."
  • "The male Capricorn-born is the best hobbyist and amateur home constructor..."
  • "Once the time is right for marriage, he sets about it with the consistency typical of him.  A divorce is practically out of the question, he will not part with his family under any circumstances."
  • "He tries to shape the community..."
  • Capricorn-born: Lady Bird Johnson, Louis Pasteur, Benjamin Franklin, Henri Matisse, Richard Nixon, Joan of Arc, Barry Goldwater, Danny Kaye

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