Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Life Well Lived Vol. 2

Volume 2

I consider my life well-lived because I have lived well. I have become more conscientious of my eating habits. I don't eat meat, and all of my groceries are organic. I eat well. I buy expensive groceries. Food is what nourishes my body; I want the best of the best. And I think I've set a habit that I will hopefully pass on to my future family! 

The same shake I blogged about in September. I drink these about 3 times per week.

A typical weekday dinner. Tofu cooked in coconut oil with garlic, mixed with broccoli. I also had fresh fruit and whole grain toast with organic jam and vegan butter. Breakfast for Dinner!

Teddy has made my life well lived. I am sure a baby HUMAN will surpass my love for my pet; but until then, it's all I know. Teddy and I have lived together for 4 1/2 years. 3 1/2 years of that have been just the 2 of us. He is my roommate, buddy, baby, and pure bliss! Walking him, cuddling with him, and just looking and photographing him, have brought me JOY and taught me unconditional LOVE.
His gentle eyes begging me not to leave him at 6:00 AM. My heart aches every time I say bye to him, just filled with guilt!

Teddy LOVES getting those ducks! He feels like such a big shot.
The ducks beat Teddy to the water every time. 
We take time to smell the flowers.

My life has been well-lived because I drove to Dallas in the middle of the day with my worn and originally-from-consignment- Manolo Blahnik stilettos. THE MAN HIMSELF autographed both pair, and I was THE LAST AUTOGRAPH of the day. I begged and pleaded to get that spot with the lady working the line. "Nope, we can't take anymore. It's over." She said. "Pleeeeease? Please? Seriously, please? I am a nurse! I was in surgery! But this is my DREAM! PLEASE just let me in. What can I do to convince you to let me in?" The lady gruntled, "Ugh, fine. Don't tell anybody..." 

These have been mounted on my wall ever since. Hey thanks, lady!

My life has been well lived because I took a risk when I graduated high school, and it paid off. I had a great boyfriend who treated me like a princess (for the first time), I had friends I grew up with, and I had family that meant the world to me. I really wanted to go to OU despite the fact I'd go alone, not knowing anybody. My boyfriend and I knew we would break up when I moved to Norman, and we did. Shortly thereafter, we thought we'd TRY the long-distance thing, so we wouldn't look back and wonder "if"... I received a BSN in May 2009 and my boyfriend came up to celebrate with me. I achieved my dream of going to OU while maintaing my relationship with George despite the distance. I have since moved home, closer to George, family, and friends. The I-35 North/South highway has probably been travelled about 150 times between the two of us...

I-35 North
I-35 South
Graduation Day
May, 2009

My life has been well-lived because I got into an ideal field of nursing-plastic surgery. My first year out of school I was at a cosmetic surgery practice. I worked there for a year, and am now at a plastic surgery practice. Plastic surgery includes reconstructive surgeries (breast cancer, birth defects, etc.). I work Monday-Friday, and my nights and weekends are free. The latest surgery has been fat transfer with enriched-cells. This is a fascinating procedure, and I'm proud to be utilizing my degree.

Reagent to extract the enriched cells from the fat

--Looking forward to adding one more thing to the next list of "Life Well Lived." Leaving tomorrow afternoon, and will be disconnected until Tuesday. Looking forward to taking amazing pictures, and making timeless memories.

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  1. I feel the same way about my kitties - they are my babies!!