Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why I Love Sundays.


Sundays can be both lazy and productive. I used to hate Sundays because I would focus my energy on dreading Monday. Since I've made a conscious shift to try to be more present, I have seen the beauty in Sunday!!!

On this lovely Summer Sunday (mind you, it's only 4:45!), I have:

Successfully made fun of my sister for having a red hue in her hair (an on-going joke)

Went shopping at Kirklands, Pier 1, and Sample House with my mom and sister. At Pier 1, we had a blast trying on masks. We had our own masquerade party in the store, and looked pretty psycho. It was great. Also, I was proud of myself for not buying everything I wanted. I bought two cards (that were needed items!) and two car-scents. $11. This is progress and great news because home decor has a hold on me.

Yours Truly 
    Little Roo

Did my weekly grocery shop at Central Market. I fall in love with CM all over again, with every individual purchase. I love that even the checkout lines are free of the crap that you'll find in Wal Mart. CM is filled with TONS of vegetarian options that make grocery shopping fun and easy. I also relish being single and only buying for myself (sans the NATURAL soda I buy for my Diet-Coke addicted man so he is at least healthy in my home!). I like keeping fresh flowers in my place, too, and picking these out is always my favorite part.

Started laundry (still going, as I blog...another favorite Sunday pastime). Orchid Allure scented fabric softener is a staple, and always makes laundry a soothing practice for me!

Straightened up my loft and made the bed.

Wrote thank you notes.

Made a box to keep my favorite birthday cards/love notes. I've been meaning to do this for a while because I can't throw them away, but they do tend to clutter my small space. Problem solved!

And now, blogging, Facebooking and TED-talk-listening (if you are a deep-thinker, there is no reason why you shouldn't be checking out THIS SITE. Seriously. Quit reading this blog and start listening to some talks that will MAKE YOU THINK!) An all time Sunday fav. SUNDAY FUNDAYS are the BEST!

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