Monday, March 31, 2014

Lilah Grace's Cake Smash

I was SO excited to finally collaborate with my friend from Norman, Greer ((of Mama Hussy)), for some first-birthday-themed photos of our little LG. Sadly, the dates didn't work out as we had both hoped, and I needed to get invitations printed, so the anticipation will continue to build until we can finally have our shoot with the very talented, very badass Greer Inez...

But meanwhile, I knew I had to hunker down and do this thing myself. I had a vision and needed to make it happen. 

The theme of LG's party was surprisingly organic ((not at all like the cake))... 
It just came to me after listening to some Disney classics months ago during her bath time...

"A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes."

Getting to create a set in our own kitchen for Lilah Grace was so fun. My creative juices were flowing, my house smelled like birthday cake, and best of all, when Lilah woke up from her afternoon nap, she got to indulge in a lot of fun with her mama and Aunt Roo.

During her first nap, I baked a cake and finished up her dreamcatcher ((while catching up on the DVR)). It was a perfect morning of baking and crafting.

I used a white cake mix, added violet food dye, and poured the batter in two mini pans. 

After the purple cakes baked, I stacked them and frosted them with white frosting, also mixed with violet food dye. Then I covered the frosting with edible sprinkles. The dye and sprinkles were from Hobby Lobby, both purchased before I was aware of the latest Supreme Court news. Dadgummit. Oh well, turned out cute.

I will make a DIY Dreamcatcher post later. This was fun, easy, and inexpensive.

I placed the cake in a wreath of succulents that was about to see it's last day. Topped with a star, and surrounded by feathers and glitter.
I hung the dreamcatcher, and hot glued two additional stars to the backdrop.
The set was created on butcher paper, compliments of my mom and her friend from the elementary school. It made clean up a breeze.
((Great idea, Mommy! Thanks!))
Behind the butcher paper were twinkle lights, and around the butcher paper was white tulle. That was thanks to Mama Vajda, who we ran into at Hobby Lobby, and was kind enough to let us borrow for the day!!!

Our little angel...scopin' the scene! Hahaha.
Watching LG dig in was absolutely adorable. She required encouragement! I think she thought it was too pretty to eat at first! Once she started eating...Aunt Roo and I started helping her. That was fun, too. 

...gettin' after it...

We sent off the party invitations today!! It will be a family-only affair, since our family is HUGE. We are so looking forward to celebrating one year of absolute bliss with our little angel. She has made our lives SO different, and SO much better! 



  1. just LOVABLE … that face does it !

  2. Well, it sure looks like someone had fun with that cake! ;)

    Also, such a dreamy dreamcatcher. They are so fun to make! Your version is so pretty with the beads and delicate webbing.

  3. cake smash is most enjoyable time to spent with your children and have his birthday photographs.